Your life, like every human life, is a collection of stories: some grand, some not-so-grand, some disappointing, and some tragic.  During the good times, you will celebrate.  But, when life takes a tragic turn, you will ask tough questions that defy easy answers.  This book is intended to help.


Perhaps you have sought solutions on your own; perhaps friends, and family members have tried to help; perhaps you have almost given up hope.


At the end of the day when no one else can comfort you, God can.  In the hours before the dawn, when you toss and turn and wrestle with worries about a broken past or an uncertain future, God offers peace unlike any other.  But if you’re like most of us, finding God’s peace isn’t always easy, especially when your heart is broken.


This book touches upon 45 crisis topics, issues such as rejection and disappointment, failure and hardship, depression and grief.  In addition to scriptural resources from “The Healing Word of God” audio series by Connie Wetzell, the text also contains quote-worthy ideas from notable Christian thinkers -  as well as commentary on each topic from Criswell Freeman, Dr. of Clinical Psychology.


So, if you’re struggling to find solutions to life’s toughest questions, don’t give up.  Instead, keep searching for wisdom, starting with God’s wisdom.  He promises that if we ask Him for it, He will surely give it to us. When you do, you’ll discover the strength, the comfort, and the peaceful assurance that only He can give.



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